What our clients have to say. 



Sally and I downsized from our large home in Irving Park ( 8,000 sq ft.) to our new home at Well Spring (2,000 sq ft. ) Given that we could not take everything we had accumulated over the years, it made for a very hard time physically and emotionally. We wanted to do as much as we could, but realized, we could not take on a project like that ourselves. Sally and I have collected heirloom pieces, art , china, collectibles, decor pieces from around the world. Some items were sold, some were put into storage, some donated, and some taken to our new home. With the help of the team at Careful With The China, our project was taken care of even with our new home at Well Spring very well organized in a timely fashion. We are glad we hired this professional organization, and I would recommend them to any of my friends downsizing, as we have many friends doing the same.
— Alan & Sally Cone


Thank you, Laura and Jim, for all your help in my move. It was a monumental task and you handled it with perfection!
— Dr. Rebekah Mango



I have moved 10 times in my life of 74 years. During my younger years, moving was a hassle but with youth and energy, I was able to take these moves and “recover” without much damage. However, the 10th move was filled with anticipation and anguish as to how I was going to be able to accomplish this task without “damage” to my physical and mental health. My realtor gave me the name of a company called “Careful With The China”.. I chose a really good moving company but that was only half the task. Careful With The China unpacked, placed everything away in a very organized manner. They have a staff of ladies that came in and worked like a hive of bees from the kitchen to the bedrooms, placing things where they belong. Jim Melvin put my garage in order with shelving and again organized the “junk” I had accumulated in a very neat manner. I can’t say this move was a thrill, but working with the staff and owners of Careful With The China was a really enjoyable experience. I would recommend them to anyone who needs experience and taste in getting re-established.
— Ray L Ratchford


Careful with the China was a great fit for our big move! From day one they were very informative and helpful on what they thought we would need to best accommodate our move. The attention to detail was what will stick out in my mind as well as the superior customer service! Laura and her team really know what you need and deliver it! Thank you so much for the smooth transition into our beautiful new office here in Revolution Mill!
— Karen Little



When I was ready to move, the idea of packing up all of my things and moving them was daunting. I was downsizing, so that meant I had to send some things to a new house and other things to storage. The more I thought about it, the more overwhelmed I became. When I vented to my Sister-in-Law, she told me not to worry and to just call “Careful with the China.” She said they’d take care of everything. So, I called and I’m so glad I did! I was most worried about my aggressive timeline. They assured me they could meet it with no problems. That’s exactly what happened! The entire experience was seamless. So much so, in fact, that I left for Indonesia in the middle of the packing. They didn’t need me to be there – they had it covered! The operation was clearly well-planned and executed flawlessly. Everyone I met was a consummate professional. Sure, moving is a stressful experience – no way around it – but Careful with the China made it much, much easier. I look forward to working with them again!
— Jeb Brooks


What a great company...Careful With the China!! Laura Melvin and her very professional staff helped me with major cleaning out...closets, attic spaces and just all over decluttering of things we no longer needed...and the best part was they took it all away to Salvation Army or consignment! Thank you Laura!
— Derry Blackwell



I have used this company many, many times and have always had great, reliable service. The move from the beach required a whole house pack and I wasn’t even there. They can’t do enough stuff for you....
— Jane Gorrell

We recently worked with CWTC for our office move. From the first point of contact, the team was very responsive and flexible with unexpected moving delays. On the day of the move, the team showed up with positive attitudes, was on time and worked quickly and efficiently.
— Cecelia Thompson, Action Greensboro