Whether you're upsizing,
downsizing or same-sizing, we've got you covered.
A true moving experience.


Why We're Different

Careful with the China is a full service moving company based in Greensboro, North Carolina that provides expert moving and storage services across the Triad. Whether you are in need of local or long distance moving services, Careful with the China provides excellent customer service to all of our clients.

At Careful with the China, our people make the difference. We treat all of our clients like family, and bring white-glove service to every move big or small.

Our Services

Careful With The China offers an array of move related services to meet the wide range of clients needs including:

  • Complimentary In Home Assessment 

  • Packing and Unpacking

  • Moving with Trucks

  • Downsizing and Upsizing

  • Storage

  • Staging

  • Organization

  • Decluttering 

  • Disposing / Donating 

  • Distributing household items 

Here's how we help:

  • Home Organization & Setup

  • Corporate Relocation

  • Residential Moving

  • Commercial Moving

  • Residential & Commercial Storage

  • Estate Sales



Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients have to say!

Environmentally Conscious

Careful With The China is an environmentally conscious brand looking to reduce, reuse and recycle.  All boxes and packing materials are recycled.

A Couple On the Move


Laura and Jim Melvin are partners in life and in work. Married since 2010, they are the proud owners of Careful With The China and CWTC Moving and Storage, the premiere move management company in Greensboro. This successful business was founded eight years ago on the principles of helping others, building relationships and making a difference. Today, these principles remain the guiding force for the duo as they operate a thriving business in a community they have always called home.

Their story begins

Laura and Jim were both born and raised in Greensboro: Jim in Irving Park and Laura in Sedgefield. Although they grew up in the same city, they didn’t meet until they had both graduated from college. Laura and Jim are both outgoing, friendly people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and been business-minded from an early age.

While a Communications student at Coastal Carolina College in South Carolina, Laura founded and ran a successful business called Belles Beach Boards. The ever-energetic, relationship-driven young adult sold her wares in area boutiques as she balanced coursework and extra curricular activities. Upon graduation, Laura returned to Greensboro to begin her post-college career.


Jim began his college studies at Appalachian State University and later transferred to UNC Chapel Hill where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, Jim moved to Washington, D.C. where he ventured into the world of politics as a staff member for a prominent North Carolina Senator. He worked there for several years before returning to Greensboro to begin a career in the commercial construction industry.

One fateful evening, the two met in downtown Greensboro, realized a spark and common ground with values and vision for their futures. However, at the time, they had no idea that their future would include building a business together.

Founded with a passion for helping

After the couple married, Jim continued his work in commercial construction while Laura explored her career options. During this time, neighbors of theirs were preparing to move and needed assistance. Laura, being someone who is always willing to led a helping hand, enlisted for the job. Over the weeks that followed, Laura discovered she had a passion for organizing, decluttering and packing. Laura felt rewarded when she saw the relief on her neighbors’ faces as she easily handled tasks and took the burden of moving and all that entailed off of them.


Laura loved this experience and soon realized that within her passion for this type of work was the seed for a business. She knew that if her neighbors had greatly valued her assistance, then surely other people would as well. She was confident there was demand for a business that offered this type of personal, customized assistance on a greater scale, and she was right. Careful With The China was founded in 2011 and has steadily grown ever since.

A growing business

Word spread and soon there was a buzz around town about a new move management company that offered white glove service to move clients and much more. Laura decided that Careful With The China would offer an array of move related services to meet the wide range of client needs including: packing and unpacking, downsizing and upsizing, organization, decluttering, thoughtfully disposing of, donating or distributing household items, holiday decorating, furniture assembly and disassembly, and storing belongings.


Focused on the future

Laura and Jim love their work and it shows. Customer referrals are strong and the list of happy customers continues to grow. They are hopeful that their two young daughters will one day want to run the business and continue the legacy they have started. In fact, they hope their business will continue to grow and be in the family for generations to come. Until then, they will continue to be a hard working couple, driven to succeed and who, literally, stays on the move.


Today, all services are delivered by team members who pay extremely close attention to detail, have compassion and empathy for clients as they go through the emotions of moving, and always conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The team uses a gentle touch and a soft approach to help complete the challenging task of moving with greater success and less stress.

One thing that sets Careful With The China apart from other move management companies is customization. Laura was intentional about building a business that caters to the unique needs of each customer, and one that values and respects customers’ need for privacy. She made it a priority to always exceed expectations and deliver five-star service.

A few years after founding the business, Careful With The China grew to the point where Laura could no longer handle the demand on her own. In 2017, Jim decided to leave his career in commercial construction and join forces with Laura so they could take the business to the next level as a team.

Love for the work

Building this business has been rewarding to Laura and Jim on many levels. They love working with customers and building relationships that often become lifelong friendships. They treat their employees and customers like family, because that’s the way they see them. Laura and Jim each manage the areas of the business that play to their individual strengths and interests.


Laura is the first connection with customers. She enjoys meeting with them, learning more about their situation and needs, and creating a plan that best supports meeting their goals. Jim enjoys being on the job site, managing the move team, and providing customers with a seamless move with little to no stress.

Laura and Jim both strive for Careful With The China to be the #1 preferred mover in Greensboro. They feel it is a privilege to work with their clients and their incredibly talented and capable team.

Being a local business matters

The Greensboro community is important to Laura and Jim. They have deep roots here. They not only love everything about the city they were raised in, but they know their hard work contributes to the strength and vitality of the local economy.

Laura and Jim’s business makes a difference in our community. An impact. They hire local and work with local clients. All of this really matters to them. They love Greensboro and are proud to be local business owners.


Partners in life and work

Owning and building a business together has been a great experience for Laura and Jim. They are aligned in the vision they have for their company and always give 110% to all that they do. They both love to help people and are inspired by knowing that Careful With The China makes a positive impact on our community.