The Importance of Supporting Small, Local Business

Small businesses have long been considered the backbone of our society. There are over 28 million small businesses in the country, each contributing to the health of our economy. In fact, small businesses create 65% of the new jobs in the United States. Small businesses fuel the “American dream” and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Careful with the China is locally-owned and operated by Laura and Jim Melvin.

Careful with the China is locally-owned and operated by Laura and Jim Melvin.

Below are a few reasons why small, local businesses are a vital part of building healthy communities:

  1. Local businesses help financially support their communities - 68% of every dollar spent at a small business funnels directly back into the community.

  2. Local businesses hire locally - Local business owners hire people from their community, and many times offer better wages and benefits than chain stores do

  3. Local businesses keep dollars in the local economy - Local business owners spend and reinvest a greater percentage of their revenues back into the local economy.

  4. Local businesses care about the community - Local business owners feel a sense of loyalty to their community. They support local nonprofits and the efforts of community organizations.

  5. Local businesses support other local businesses - Local business owners are apt to support fellow local business owners by purchasing their goods, engaging their services or partnering with them.

Small, local businesses truly care out their community and are committed to making a difference. Careful with the China is proud to be such a business.

The owners have deep roots in Greensboro, North Carolina and are proud to offer services that help support residents during times of transition. They appreciate their relationship with each and every local client, and are honored to have the opportunity to live and work in such a great community.