Making Changes to Support Aging in Place


As children leave the nest and retirement years approach, the way you live in your
home will change. Considering that fact that you put lots of love, hard work and many
years into making your house a home, it is no surprise that you probably prefer to live in
your home as long as possible. You are in good company as AARP reports that 87% of
adults age 64 and older wish to age in place. However, as you move into this next stage
of life, it may be necessary to make changes to your home so it will be better suited for
your needs.

Taking the time to think about how you will use your home and prepare for potential
health changes in the future is important. If you and your spouse prefer to live on one
floor of a home, the addition of a downstairs master bedroom and bath may be needed.
Or, you may decide that this new season is the perfect time to reconfigure living areas
to fulfill a long-time dream of having an open floor plan. Physical challenges that require
a wheelchair also mean changes will be needed in your home including: lowering
kitchen counters, installing ramps and renovating bathrooms for wheelchair access.

Each of these situations make it necessary for rooms to be packed up and your
belongings stored or temporarily relocated within your home during the renovation
period. The team of professionals at Careful With The China are happy to help you
assess belongings, pack up rooms and unpack when renovations are complete so you
are able to enjoy your new living spaces as soon as possible and with little to no stress.

Since you are probably like most people and would prefer to live in familiar surroundings
as you move into the next season of your life, modifying your surroundings can make a
significant difference in the livability of your home. Whether your home is renovated to
accommodate physical changes or to better suit the way you will be living your life, the
ultimate goal should be to create a comfortable, safe environment that fosters
independent living and a great quality of life. Careful With The China welcomes the
opportunity to support you with these changes and help make this experience a positive