Moving with Young Children


Moving with young children can be challenging. Little people seem to come with lots of stuff. They may also have needs that don’t align well with moving. Disrupted routines, distracted caregivers and a misplaced ‘Floppy’ can all be cause for a toddler meltdown. Plus, young children don’t naturally understand the concept of moving. On the up side, millions of people have moved with young children. It can be done and you can do it!

Realizing every child is unique, here are a few tips that may help ease the process of moving with your youngster(s):

Prepare your children for the move

Explain to your child what they are to expect. If concerns arise, respectfully listen to their thoughts about moving. Hopefully, you will be able to put most of their unease to rest. Yes, they will be able to take their toys! It may be harder to console a child who is moving away from family and friends. Provide options for staying in touch; skype, letter writing and visits are possibilities.  Strive to provide positive feedback about the move, while validating their emotions. Many children books have been written to help with this discussion.

Involve your children in the move

No, Junior should not pack the china, but they may feel better after packing up some of their belongings. Allow them to write their name on, or decorate, their boxes. Provide opportunities for them to make age appropriate decisions, maybe picking out the color and/or layout of their new bedroom.

Get organized

Make sure your child’s most prized possessions are packed last and unpacked first. On moving day, a travel bag filled with a couple changes of clothes, diapers if needed, items to keep your child occupied and a few comfort items (special teddy, blanket) will help.  In addition, have a snack cooler filled with healthy food and drink.  As most know, youngsters need food when they need food!

Have an adventure 

Boxes can be fun!  A few boxes, a few markers and a child’s imagination are all that are needed to have a good time. Once in your new home, explore your new surroundings. It could be as close as your backyard, maybe a new flower garden? Maybe you have a new playroom? Nurture new relationships in your neighborhood. Take advantage of parks, museums and other area attractions. Show your children all the wonderful things about their new home.

Be easy on yourself and your children 

Moving is stressful on everyone! Things may be delayed or not go exactly as planned. It’s okay! Although, routines are important for young children, don’t beat yourself up when the children watch one too many movies during the move; or eats one too many chips; or has a full-blown tantrum; or…. Routines and expectations can easily be re-established soon enough. Be kind and understanding to both yourself and your child. This too shall pass!

There are a lot of factors to consider with any move, both logistical and emotional.  Careful with the China strives to comprehensively meet the needs of our clients. Let us know if we could be of assistance.