Dogs and Cats Have Moving Needs Too


Moving is stressful on a family, including those furry members that don’t fully understand what is happening. Special considerations need to be taken to ensure your pet’s move is as stress-free as possible. Pet’s rely on their caregivers, familiar environments and familiar routines for security. Although impossible to keep everything a constant during the move process, small steps can be taken to help alleviate unneeded stress on your pet.

Before move day, make sure that you have set aside your pet’s essential items. Food, bowls, leashes, beds, crates, litter pans and medicines if needed. If your pet takes comfort in some favorite toys or blankets, make sure that is included too. Make sure you update any identification tags and/or microchip information. If moving far away, make sure any needed medications are filled and look for a veterinarian in your new location.

Most pets will get anxious with all the commotion involved on move day. You know your pet best! You will need to decide if they should be professionally boarded; or maybe you have a family member or friend that can care for your pet on move day. Finding a quiet secure location in your new home may be another option. Just make sure it is locked or well-marked as not to be accidentally opened.

While transporting your pet, make sure they are either secure in a crate or well leashed. Last thing anyone wants is a runaway pet, especially in an unfamiliar area. Making sure your pet is safe, comfortable and out of harm’s way should be top priority. Regardless of where your pet stays, make sure they have all their essential items and comfort items. Dogs and cats depend on their sense of smell more than humans. Providing them with items that smell like ‘home’ will help soothe them. Keeping their routines as close to normal will help too, especially feeding and medicating schedules. If Fido always gets walked first thing in the morning, it may help him get out some of his anxiety.

Now that you have successfully moved, make sure your pet has been given enough time to acclimate to their new location before giving them full freedoms. Letting Whiskers outside too soon may result in a lost cat. The dog that never ran away may get spooked with its new surroundings and run. Anxiety and confusion may trigger behaviors never seen before. Slow introductions, boundaries, supervision, patience and reassuring love are key. Before you know it, your pet will feel at home in their new home.

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