4 Reasons to Hire a Mover for your Antique Furniture

Moving Antique Furniture.png

Moving is stressful, especially when it comes to moving delicate antique furniture and fragile family heirlooms. It may be tempting to move the furniture yourself or enlist the help of friends and family. Maybe even hire your 16 year old nephew who drives a pickup truck. Or you may want to hire a professional moving service. I definitely recommend the latter, and here's why…

1. Control, Control, Control

Total control sounds domineering but when it comes to moving valuable antique furniture, the more control the better. Using a mover ensures all of your furniture is properly climate controlled. Perks that don’t come with using your nephew’s pickup truck. Speaking of perks, a professional mover knows the most appropriate packing means, so that even your most fragile pieces arrive in tact.

2. Minimize Potential Damage

When it comes to antique and vintage furniture, the less time it takes for the piece to get from its spot in your old home to its place in your new home, the less time it has to be potentially harmed. Ethan Greenfield in his article for Moving Tips emphasizes the importance of creating an entry and exit strategy for your furniture, to insure it fits through thresholds and doorways. This avoids the furniture spending extra time lingering in a foyer or outside. With a proper plan you can ensure your vintage dresser goes directly into its proper place, unharmed. Which brings me to point three…

3. Game Plan

Determining a moving strategy ahead of time is essential. You can work with you mover to inventory and document the existing conditions of your antique furniture so you will quickly notice if any damages occurred throughout the move.

4. No Stress, No Mess

While there are plenty of reasons to hire a full service mover to handle your antiques, the most important is that they will make your move as blissful as possible. A full service mover takes care of all the little details so you can focus on the important big things, like your new home! The professional movers at Careful with the China will even individually wrap all of your dishes and unpack for you, leaving you with little to no mess. In conclusion your antique furniture is a valuable asset, treat it as such and hire a professional.