It is more than a move

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Moving is said to be one of the most stressful events in someone's life. Packing up the home you raised a family in can be especially draining. You have a strong emotional attachment to this home, it is where your kids took their first steps, where you’ve hosted countless birthday parties, barbecues maybe even a baby shower or two. Your grown children may mourn the loss of the house they grew up in. But it is important to remember you are moving for a reason. Whether you are downsizing or simply moving to a new neighborhood, moving to a new home is exciting and there are many positives to look forward too.


  1. Your home holds a lifetime of memories, it probably also holds a lot of items that you no longer need. Moving out gives you the opportunity to downsize and declutter. Much like losing a few pounds, shedding the weight of unnecessary belongings will make you feel more organized, refreshed, less weighed down and ultimately free! Working with a full service move management can alleviate some of the stress of organizing and sorting. The movers at Careful with the China will even handle trash and donation runs. (
  2. New Opportunities and Neighbors, whether you're moving into a new neighborhood,  or other living community, you are sure to meet new people! Sarah Godfrey in her article, “The Emotional Impact of Moving,” recommends, focusing on the reality that you are not leaving friends and neighbors behind but instead, “merely extending your friendship group as you meet new people and develop new relationships in the community.” (
  3. Moving is a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. It is perfectly natural to mourn the move but inviting your family and friends to come help you move or hosting a farewell party will remind you that it's not the house that makes a home, it's the people its filled with. This gives your family members the opportunity to enjoy and relive the memories they have in your home as well.


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- Written by Laura Melvin, Owner