It is Wise to Invest in a Quality Move Management Company

The adage “you get what you pay for” seems to hold true for many things in life. From a quality outfit or pair of shoes to a well made piece of furniture or appliance, a greater investment in the beginning will most likely yield a higher quality product with a longer lifespan. The same concept applies when moving from one home to another home — making an investment to hire a quality company that provides move management services ensures that you will have an excellent moving experience.


The truth is, moving is a complicated task. It isn’t just about hiring a moving company and then packing and moving boxes from one house to another. Whether you are planning to move after living in the same home for 50 years or you have moved 5 times in as many years, there are many things to consider and manage.

When the decision to move has been made, the first step is to seek out moving help by contacting professionals who know the industry well. Careful With The China is a locally owned professional move management company that specializes in all types of moving needs:  senior moving services, relocating to another state or country, temporary moves during renovations or home construction, downsizing, moving across town or across the street, and anything in between. They handle everything from giving moving estimates to being careful furniture movers to taking away the last box after it has been unpacked in your new home.

At your first meeting, the move professionals will ask several preliminary questions. Will you need to store items temporarily or even move to temporary housing before your next home is ready? Will you need to pack up belongings so your home will show better to prospective buyers? Will you be downsizing and have the need to give away or pass down furnishings? Once the overall assessment of your moving needs are established, you will work with the experts to establish a plan of action and timeline leading up to your moving day.

The first step before packing the first box is to take time to declutter your home. It is much easier to go through your belongings and decide what you really love, need and want in your next home instead of moving everything and then deciding. Careful With The China knows that decluttering can be a challenging process, so they have teams in place to help you with this stage of moving. They can help you determine where to donate or how to discard belongings that no longer fit your life. They can also help arrange to deliver furniture to family members or friends if pieces are to be passed down or shared with others.

After decluttering, the next step will be to work with move professionals to decide what furnishings or personal items need to be stored while the home is on the market. Paring down a home helps prospective buyers better visualize their belongings in the home. Careful With The China can store these items for you and then move them into place when your new home is ready.

When your current home has been sold and/or you are ready to move to your new home, the move experts will come in and assess how many packing boxes and moving supplies you will need for each area of your home. After preparations for the move are made, the professionals will carefully pack all furnishings and belongings. A professional company like Careful With The China wants to ensure all of your furnishings and personal belongings are properly packed so nothing is damaged in transit. Once everything safely arrives at the new home, everything will be unpacked and placed with white-gloved care and attention.

There are many details to remember when moving. Moving professionals can give you a checklist of the things to remember and do in the days and weeks leading up to moving day. Utilities will need to be transferred, important documents for your current and future home will need to be easily accessible, and important papers and documents for your family should be kept separately so they can be found at a moment’s notice.

On moving day, it is smart to pack a small bag with toiletries, clothing, jewelry and other personal belongings that you will want to immediately have on hand in the new home, including special “lovies” for your children’s first night. You may also want to gather your family before the movers arrive so you and your family can find a special way to say goodbye to your current home, especially if it is a home in which you and your children have lived for many years. It is also a good idea to pack some snacks and water to carry you and your family through the day, knowing that you may not have time to shop for groceries on moving day. Once everything is packed up and loaded on the truck(s), have your entire family make a final sweep through the house to make sure nothing was overlooked. The next step will be to get excited about beginning a new chapter in a new home!

It is wise to hire a reputable move management company that will be in charge of all the details so you can focus on other things related to your new home. A move management company like Careful With The China considers moving a serious business and approaches each move as if it were their own. The extra care and special attention they give to each client sets them apart from other moving companies. This additional care and attention may mean that the customer investment is higher, but the results will speak for themselves. Their expert experience and close attention to detail gives customers the confidence that all aspects of a move will be stress-free and offer well-deserved, peace of mind. Making a greater investment when moving will definitely be worth it!