Moving Can Bring a Mixed Bag of Emotions

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Moving to a new home is exciting, wonderful and all things great! Right? Well, not always. Whether you are moving to a new home because it is time to upsize or downsize, because of a new job or another reason, you can expect to experience a wide range of emotions. Some of these emotions may even catch you by surprise.

It is common to first experience a sense of excitement with the prospect of moving into a new home. Thinking about a fresh start with new opportunities and experiences can be fun. Making plans to decorate and furnish a new home can get creative juices flowing and add to the anticipation. However, even though you may first feel excitement about moving, other emotions such as fear, grief, stress, anger, guilt and feeling overwhelmed may, at times, surface.

It is easy to imagine how someone could feel overwhelmed during the process of moving. There are so many things to consider, to organize, to manage. It is a monumental task that requires a lot of time, energy and attention. Often, stress accompanies feelings of being overwhelmed, making a move even more challenging.

Sometimes feelings of fear also come up for people during a move. There can be fear of not being prepared, fear of possessions being damaged in the move and of people involved in the move knowing too much about you. Your personal space may feel “invaded” at times. There is also fear around adjusting to another home and knowing that you will need to find a “new normal” in your new community.

Moving can also bring up feelings of grief and maybe even depression. It is difficult to pull up roots, especially if you have lived in a home for a long time. Saying goodbye to a home where you created many memories can be harder than you may think. Some people may even experience relocation depression, which is a feeling of nostalgia for the old life and friends you are leaving behind, and the place where you felt comfortable with your familiar routines.

There are ways to help manage these emotions. First, make sure you are fully prepared for the move. Do your homework, make detailed lists, create a timeline, gather your resources and have all contact information at hand. A great idea is to reach out to a reputable move management company like Careful With The China to help you with planning and preparing for your move.

Make your move fun! If you are moving out of town, invite friends over for a “moving party” and supply refreshments as well as boxes, taking breaks to share stories of times spent together. Another idea is to have a “free sale” and invite friends over so you can share items you no longer want or don’t want to move. Sometimes knowing your things have a new home with a friend can be a nice way to stay connected while clearing out clutter.

Another idea is to find a way to say goodbye to your home in a way that fits your family. Decide if your preferred approach is more sentimental and reflective, or celebratory with a big, farewell party for friends and neighbors. Consider finding a special way to welcome your family into your new home. Ideas include hosting a housewarming party or an open house, or just enjoying a favorite family meal together.

Most of all, try to keep in mind the positive aspects of your move and all the exciting things to look forward to in your new home. And remember, the experts at Careful With The China can be a wonderful resource to help with your moving needs and take away several of the challenging emotions that come along with this process.