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Packing Specialist — Job Description

Packers are trained to organize and pack client’s homes with specific Careful With The China instruction. Packers interact with client and are trained to be respectful with professional customer service tendencies (if applicable). Packers can also be called back to the job to unpack for the client in which they will reassemble items such as lamps and kitchen supplies for the client and they will unpack boxes and put items into the respective places in the new home/space.

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for keeping track of all Careful With The China materials (tape, scissors, pens, etc.)

  • Unloading the materials from the van – paper, boxes, tape etc.

  • Properly building boxes

  • Properly stuffing boxes with paper

  • Properly packing boxes of fragile items

  • Handling client’s items with care

  • Creating labels and properly placing label on box for client

  • Unpacking for the client

  • Reassembling items during the unpack

  • Properly cleaning up wrapping and stuffing paper from the unpack

  • Breaking down boxes that have been unpacked

  • Understanding and comprehension of all Careful With the China protocol

  • At the end of every day, loading the remaining supplies from pack/unpack

Work Environment

Careful with the China provides a very team-oriented work environment. Everyone works together to complete the job. Packing specialists have had a chance to meet and get to know their fellow employees which makes the job feel like you are working with friends to obtain one large goal – helping to pack the client so that they may move from one location to the other.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work

This is a part-time position and hours are scheduled on an as-needed basis. It can be up to 20 hour weeks and it is possible that there are no hours in a week.

Physical Demands

A packing specialist’s job requires active movement all day on the job. They are constantly packing which means they are constantly lifting items to place into boxes. They are then responsible for moving the box to the staging area which is where the packers will set the boxes for the movers to handle. Anything that is too heavy for a packer will be left for the movers to move.

Job Type


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